LunchTime Pool Tournament January 26, 2016 17:50

We recently held a workplace pool tournament at the Freedom Homestores warehouse.

16 Staff members took part, over the course of a month, playing each round during their
respective lunch breaks, and recording the results on our staff canteen notice board.

After several nail-biting rounds, eventually Mark (Our Amazon expert) emerged as the Victor.

One of our biggest lighting suppliers, Searchlight Electric, was kind enough to sponsor our tournament with a trophy, and one of their reps; former Scottish Pool Champion, Ally Menzies, was on hand to present Mark with the Trophy.

Mark & Ally Menzies Pool Trophy Presentation

- Afterward, former champion Ally Menzies challenged our Mark to a head-to-head, winner-takes-all, cash game, and surprisingly, our Mark also walked away with the cash!

Well Done Mark!