Searchlight 4100-4 Under-Cabinet LED Display Light System, 48" in 4 strips.

£19.94 £29.95

Searchlight 4100-4 Under Cabinet Lighting System.

Special Mis-Print Price!
Packaging Quotes 36" Size, is Actually 48" Size;
Big Savings to Be Had For Minor Error on Packaging! 
400 Misprint Bargains Available at Reduced Price.

48" in 4 Strips.
Excellent Light Output.
Includes Loads of Fixings - Adhesive Strips, Metal Rails,
Cable Clips, For However You Choose To Mount.

Strips Can Be Joined Via Included Wires, or Clipped Directly Together.
High Quality SMD LED's for Superior Light Output.

Perfect For Kitchen Cabinets, Plinths, Wardrobes & So Much More!

Quick & Easy To Install, Fabulous Results.
Mains Adaptor Plug Included.
"Warm" White.

Cable Length:
Plug - First Light = 2m. approx
Between Lights = 30cm approx

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