Saxby "Kios / Ikon" LED Plinth Decking Walkover Lights. Pack of 10.


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Saxby "Kios" and "Ikon" Decking Light Kits.

Decking / Plinth Lighting Kits From Saxby.

Each Kit Contains 10 Individual Cluster Lights, With Wires,
Transformer, Plug etc. as Required. Simply Install and Plug in.

"Kios" is IP44 rated for bathroom / kitchen use, can be used in some outdoor areas,
but isn't as waterproof as "Ikon".
Kios is Wired as a "Daisy Chain", each light is wired to the next light,
with ~100cm max wire between each light.

"Ikon" is IP67 waterproof rated for bathroom or outdoor use, resistant to jet spray,
and so is better suited to exposed outdoor areas than "Kios".
"Ikon" is wired via a central waterproof junction box,
with ~300cm max from the junction box to each light.

Either fitting is suitable for indoor or outdoor use to suit your preference.
"Daisy Chain" wiring is generally quicker and easier to install and cable-tidy,
so Kios is recommended for kitchen plinths and bathroom accents.
"Junction Box" wiring offers more versatility in where you choose to locate
each light, and the additional waterproofing means "Ikon" is recommended
for your outdoor decking and exterior accents.

Dimension (per light, installed)
Diameter: 30mm
Bulb: LED (integrated)
Colour Temp: 7500k Cool White.
Lumens: 21

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