Roper Rhodes "Tempus" LED Bathroom Mirror. Demister & Clock. MLE340

£199.00 £299.00

Designer Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirror
'Tempus' MLE340 by Roper Rhodes.

"Tempus" LED Starburst Bathroom Mirror.
With Heated Demister Pad, Infra-Red Switch,
And Integrated Digital Clock.

Heated Demister Pad.
Stops The Mirror From Fogging Up No Matter
How Steamy The Bathroom Gets.
Works By Heating The Mirror to A Few Degrees
Above Room Temperature,Using a Pad Behind The Mirror,
The Demisting Effect Works on an Area Up To 20% Larger
Than The Pad Itself and Takes only 3 Minutes To Heat.

No-Touch Infra Red On/Off Switch.
A Safe and Practical, As Well As Cool and Stylish Solution,
Simply Wave Your Hand Under The Sensor To Operate,
Meaning No More Finger Marks on The Mirror,
or Fumbling For The Cord in The Dark.

80cm Height
60cm Width
4cm Depth

96 LED's

Demister Pad Size
45cm x 31cm

RRP £349.00

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