'Lexar' Range of Combi-Fit Flat Wall & Corner Computer/PC Desks With Storage


Lexar Combi-Fit Corner or Flat Computer Desks

This Listing is For Our Range of Combination Flat-wall/Corner-Fit Computer Tables

Modern Computer Tables in a Variety of Colours
The Lexar 1 Desks can be Built as a Corner Desk or as a Flat Wall Desk
Can be Built For Both Left & Right Handed

Solid Construction With Melamine Coated Surface For Ultimate Heat and Scratch Resistance
These Stylish Functional Computer Tables Will Smarten Up Any Home or Office
Easy one Time Self-Assembly

Includes 3x "Mega" Canvas Storage Boxes as Pictured.
In Black, Other Colours Available Below.

Lexar 1

Height: 75cm
Width: 136cm
Depth: 68cm

Storage Shelf
Height: 71cm
Width: 137cm
Depth: 33cm

Combined L Shape:
139cm x 136cm

Combined Flat:
206cm x 68cm

Also Available:

Mega-3 Canvas Storage Boxes
Mega-3 is The Original, in Pastille Shades. Square.
 photo Mega3Pyramide.jpg

Mega-31 is essentially the mega-3 + sliding drawers.


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