"Emili" Childrens / Kids Bunk Beds. Twin or Single With Desk & Dresser.


"Emili" Bunk Beds.

Emili 1 - Twin Bunk Beds (For 2 Children).
Emili 2 - Single Bunk (For 1 Child) + Desk & Dresser.

'Emili' Wood Finish Bunk Beds.

Available As Single Bunk With Matching Under-Bunk Furniture,
Or As A Standard Double Bunk Bed, With integrated Shelving.

Both Versions Feature Large, Wide, Easy To Use Steps,
Twin Bunk Has Integrated Side-of-Bed Shelving Space,
For Teddies, Books, Alarm Clock, or Whatever You Like.

Emili 1 Double Bunk Will Help Clear Valuable Floor Space To
Give The Kids Room To Play, And Helps Combat Clutter With The
Integrated Shelving / Storage Space on Both Bunks.

Emili 2 Includes A Desk And Dresser, With Optional Castors,
Which Can Be Freely Wheeled In & Out From Under The Bunk.
Helping to Compact & De-Clutter, Making The Most Of A Small Room.

Functional and Attractive, High Quality Finished Wood.
Solid and Sturdy German Construction.
Melamine Coated Surfaces For Heat, Moisture & Scratch Protection.

Ladder Can Be Assembled On Either Side.

Mattress Not Included
(Takes 90cm x 200cm Single)

Self Assembly Rating - Medium Difficulty.
These Items Are Large & Heavy And Contain Many Parts,
But It's Not A Particularly Complicated Design.
Allow Several Hours To Assemble Based On Experience.

Dimensions (Side View):

Emili 1 - Twin Bunks

Height 179cm
Width 205cm
Depth 137cm

Emili 2 - Single + Furniture

Height: 123cm
Width: 205.5cm
Depth: 119cm

Height: 73cm
Width: 91.5cm
Depth: 67cm

Height: 73cm
Width: 93cm
Depth: 45cm

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