ALLDOCK (as seen on KickStarter). Rapid Multi-Charger Dock for iPod iPad Android


The Alldock by Dittrich Designs 
ALL-DOCK. Multi-Device Charging Dock.

As Seen (and funded)On Kickstarter!

The ALL-DOCK is an Incredible All-in-One Charging Solution.
Charging Up to 6 Devices At One Time!
With Super-Fast 2.4mA Charge Per Device.
(this means it can charge your phone up to 4x faster!)

But Not Just a Charger - It's Almost A Work of Art.
Instead of Cluttering up Your Home, Now Your Family's
Phones & Tablets Make a Beautiful Display Feature,
With So Many Possibilities, Less Cables Tangling Around, 
And All While They Charge Faster Than Before.

Doesn't Just Charge Phones & Tablets, You Can Charge
Almost Anything That Comes With A USB Charging Cable
Even if They Dont Physically Fit in The Slots.

1) Use Your Orginal Charger Leads With The Included Hub.
2) Keep Cable Inside, Pass End Through Special Grooves in Lid

3) Add Your Devices Which Need Charged.


Small - Has 2 Slots And a 4-Port Hub.
Length: 22cm
Width: 11.3cm
Height: 6cm.

Medium - Has 4 Slots And a 4-Port Hub.
Length: 22cm
Width: 14.2cm
Height: 6.1cm.

Large - Has 5 Slots And a 6-Port Hub.
Length: 31.5cm
Width: 17.2cm
Height: 6.3cm