Searchlight 51521CC Vino - LED Wine Glass Chandelier Ceiling Light.

£145.00 £372.00

Marco Tielle Wine Glass Chandelier MT-51521

Gorgeous And Unique, This Wine Glass Chandelier is A Real Talking Point,
And Certainly Brightens Up The Kitchen or Dining Room.

Featuring Real Wine Glass Shades,
And 10 Low-Energy LED Lamps.

2-Tier Rack With Hanging Crystals.

The Included Shades Are Thicker & More Robust
Than A 'Standard' Wine Glass, But Can Be Substituted
With Your Own Wine Glasses, Easily Removed & Used.

Perfect Gift For the Wine Lover in Your Life

960 Lumens
4000k Colour temp.

min. height:42cm
max. height:100cm
CLASS: 1 (Earthed)

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