Mega Range, White PC Computer Desk, With Storage Boxes Included.

£49.94 £79.95

"Mega KL" White PC / Computer Desk.
- includes 2x Mega Storage Boxes! -

 "Mega" Modern Home/Office PC Desk in White.
Boxes Included are Black/Anthracite as Shown.
(other colours/styles sold seperately, links at bottom)

Solid, Sturdy Construction With Melamine Veneer Surfaces,
For Ultimate Heat, Moisture and Scratch Resistance.
Excellent Workspace Size for Price Bracket.
Mega Canvas Storage Adds A Whole New Flexibility.

Mega Desk

These Stylish & Functional Computer Tables
Will Smarten Up Any Home or Office.
Integrated Slots for 2x Mega Canvas Storage Boxes.
- Chair Not Included -

120cm width 
72cm Height
51cm Depth

Mega Canvas Storage Box.

2x Black/Anthracite Mega Boxes Included Free!
Other Colours Available at Extra Cost.
Other Styles Available. See Bottom.

31cm width 
31cm Height
31cm Depth


Also Available:

Mega-3 Canvas Storage Boxes

Mega-3 is The Original, in Pastille Shades. Square.
 photo Mega3Pyramide.jpg

Mega-31 is essentially the mega-3 + sliding drawers.


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